Viewpoint Essays by Brian Cole

These essays have nothing to do with health and fitness but because I don't have a personal website, I'm posting them on here. Thanks for reading 'em.

It’s my viewpoint. What’s yours?

In my life there have been plenty of times I’ve had to be decisive. No room for wishy-washy gray area indecision. Leadership requires being sure of oneself, taking charge and acting with strong, certain confidence. When that is needed, there’s no substitute. “To be or not to be…” was insightfully… Read more »


Relax. This is not my regular To Your Health column so no exercise recommendations today. At least for the rest of 2019, I’ll be alternating this Viewpoint column monthly with the To Your Health one I’ve been writing for years. April 2019, about my horse Major, was my first and… Read more »


We found him at a horse barn in Suffolk. There were about 25 horses all waiting to be fed. The feed buckets were hung along the fence about 10 feet apart, and the horses were then let in to eat. They all knew which was theirs and started eating. The… Read more »