You can do this!

I often hear from those of you who read my column regularly. Thank You. Your comments are always appreciated.

I have to remember, though, some folks are reading for the first time and there is general beneficial information I have to continue to share.

My point is: I know, for some of you, I repeat myself. But if this column inspires just one person to make healthy changes in his or her lifestyle, those changes will also affect their families and friends.

If you’ve let yourself become inactive and out of shape, the road to better health can look a bit too steep. I understand. I’m talking about minor consistent improvements to what you eat and drink, to how much you eat and drink and to your activity level. Positive changes start with basic, sensible information.

Most of the new “breakthrough” infomercial gadgets, equipment, programs, routines, etc. are designed to sell you something. At least they’re also designed to get you to be more active—which is a good thing.

Most diet plans, however, also have the purpose to sell you something, but have no lasting benefit. Just avoid ’em. The last one didn’t keep the body fat off and the next one won’t either.

This isn’t only about your long-term health although that will obviously improve. You can feel better in about one week. You’ll start moving better in two to three weeks. And you’ll be aware of more daily energy in about a month. These achievable benefits are ridiculously simple.

How? What can you do, on your own, right now?

A. Stop, today, eating everything you already know is not good for you. Everything. You can do this no matter how much you know or don’t know about nutrition.

B. Reduce alcohol consumption to a maximum of one drink a day if you’re a woman, two drinks if you’re a man. (P.S. If you can’t even do that, and you really do want to improve, admit you have a problem and get some help.)

C. Drink more water.

D. Take a daily brisk walk.

That’s it?

Yep, That’s it.

Gradually, educate yourself on better nutrition and make additional improvements. For general guidelines, check out the Nutritional Guide at right.

Then, if you do A through D for 30 days (you’re on Honor System), I’ll give you a free consultation and some safe general exercises to add to your new lifestyle. This won’t feel like “even more to do” because by then your body will want more. That’s how this works. It’s cumulative, and we naturally gravitate toward what feels better. You’ll see.

When I started this almost 20 years ago, I wrote my mission statement: To help as many people as I can live healthier lives and to help as many people as I can to work as Personal Fitness Trainers.

This is the best, most rewarding work imaginable. We’ve been very successful. We now have four private studios, five college degreed/nationally certified trainers and many long-term satisfied clients. As a thankful man, I’m sharing our success.

The nutritional guide (below) gives you direction. Make additional changes gradually or you won’t stick with ’em. But just start with A through D above.

Then call me for your free consultation. You can do this.