To Your Health Columns by Brian Cole

Hopefully you missed this…

I say “hopefully” because watching what is called “Reality TV” when it’s obviously staged, directed and filmed by a crew (i.e. not reality) seems an odd way to waste an evening. But I do odd things too I guess, so I’d better get to my point. In case you did… Read more »


I don’t understand all these loud angry political voices and attitudes or the folks with snakes on their license plates, complaining about being tread on (yes, I promise, I’m going to tie this soapbox into improving our fitness). Do we have problems to work on? Of course. Everyone has always… Read more »

Whoosh! What was that?

“That” was 2015! And it went by fast. The inescapable fact is that 2016 will, too, and it will bring changes. We will either lose a few steps and gain a few pounds—or vice versa. This time next year we will either be in better physical condition or worse. The… Read more »

Take a deep breath…

…and think about all you have to be thankful for. I start with my parents, then my health, my daughters and son, finding my profession and while there is obviously more, I’m going to stop right here because it’s my profession I want to write about. I can’t call it… Read more »

Overweight? Consider this. PART II

In my last column,”Overweight? Consider this.” , I wrote about some of our long-term overweight clients—why they continue, how they benefit, how they feel, etc. And while that column was still on the Oyster Pointer stands, I received a trade publication with research that adds another dimension to the point… Read more »

Overweight? Consider this.

I’m going to pay respect to some of our long-term clients. Not by name, of course, but by their conditioning. My hope is that some of you reading this will be encouraged and inspired to consider your potential for self-improvement. And, after considering it, decide to take the necessary steps.… Read more »

Genetics, excuses and twins

I’m so thankful to have Personal Fitness Training as my career. I love researching and learning new ways to help others become more active and fit. There are so many pleasurable activities that can be more fully enjoyed when we’re healthy. And the path to selfimprovement is so clear. Hopefully,… Read more »

Leading from the middle

Many of us are in the middle. With daughters-sons, and also mothers-fathers, we’re often responsible for decisions that have a major impact on those we love. Middle management is always a tough balancing position, and it’s made more so when it’s about family. With our daughters and sons, I’m suggesting… Read more »

We cannot stand still

Hello 2015! These years just go by so fast. And this one will too. I know it’ll bring changes to my life—and to yours. We don’t/we cannot stand still and stop time. Along with that inevitability comes this: Neither you nor I will be the same at the end of… Read more »

Which sounds easier?

Walking/running 30 to 45 minutes just about every day and two workouts per week lifting heavy weights to build new lean muscle tissue and additional exercises to target core strengthening, posture, balance and joint range of motion. Or Vowing to make some changes to eating and drinking habits. Which sounds… Read more »

Where are these people?

Successful. Willing to work toward goals in their careers and in their personal lives. Want results for their efforts. Knowledgeable and understand how to assess the value of their choices. Always looking for ways to improve their work, their homes and themselves. They have evaluated their priorities and organized them… Read more »

More research may be needed

WARNING! This column may challenge some of your basic beliefs. It maytherefore be a bit uncomfortable to digest. Speaking of digestion, if you follow nutritional research, some interesting information has been published recently. For what will be obvious reasons as you read on, I’m not going into detail on any of these subjects.… Read more »

Treadmills, spinning, re-balancing and you

The complexity of human anatomy and kinesiology (movement) is obviously fascinating to me. But rather than subject you to technical talk of force couples, frontal planes of motion, agonist/antagonists, synergists, reciprocal inhibition, etc., I’m going to try to share some helpful information in more understandable language. In addition to strength… Read more »

Plateaus and Moderation

Due to printing and publishing schedules you’re reading this in March but I’m writing it in early January. So New Year’s resolutions are still on my mind. And by March, there’s a good chance they’re not still on yours. Reality has surfaced and old habits have crept back into your… Read more »

Why don’t we…?

In my last column “…Living Longer…” (if you missed it, please take a moment and click here to read it now. I ended by asking, with the enjoyment of our longer life span weighed against years of pain and discomfort, why more of us don’t take the necessary steps to avoid the… Read more »


I recently decided to include some additional healthy activities in my morning routine at home. While my work and my lifestyle choices give me more than adequate cardiovascular, strength and range-of-motion fitness, there was an area of self-improvement I wanted to practice more consistently (I’ll tell you what and why… Read more »

Connected, like it or not

The Affordable Care Act (or if you prefer, Obamacare or Pelosicare or…), our new publicly funded health insurance, is supposed to insure all citizens against financial ruin if they have or if they develop health problems. While we may or may not think that’s a noble goal, whether it will… Read more »

Nighttime calf cramps and bifocals posture

Clarification: the only connection I’m aware of between these two is: I’m going to write about each in this column. Nighttime calf cramps Just about everyone has dealt with this very painful and rude awakening condition. Its frequency increases with age, so by the time you finish this column, you’re… Read more »

Declaration of independence

Many of our ancestors came to this new land from more repressed societies. The founders of this great country sought freedom, opportunity and independence. They were the most adventurous of their fellow citizens. Think about sailing over here—to uncertainty, ready to move forward and try to improve themselves. These were… Read more »