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For your age…

…is supposed to be a compliment? Bah!  Let’s start with some facts: All around us are examples of successful, productive individuals who are contributing just as efficiently as ever but are much older than previous generations. Many are being criticized for “holding back” the younger folks from moving up their ladders. Fact is… Read more »


This is not a recommendation on how to live; this is just sharing MY viewpoint.  A combination of my self-imposed isolation due to COVID, the end of a long-term relationship, this stage of a very full life, my heritage and probably some additional things I’m unaware of, find me in… Read more »


Once upon a time in a life far, far away I was a single dad with three teenagers and in search of a new home for us. I was also far, far away from being independently wealthy but stumbled into an opportunity I thought we could afford: a beach cottage… Read more »

From a fan of self indulgence

Research: “The systematic investigation to establish facts and enable us to accurately reach new conclusions.” On subjects other than health I’ve written that while the knowledge gained from research is often necessary to help us make better decisions, it is not a guarantee we will. Applying my statement to our… Read more »

Smoothing the rough edges

I write these Viewpoint columns with the idea to inspire some thinking. I don’t try to find topics everyone agrees with. I recognize that readership of Oyster Pointer grows every year and the paper is an undeniable success.  I’ve been using a sports analogy lately when referring to this stage of my life by calling… Read more »

And his answer was…

It’s March. Many New Year’s resolutions have disappeared. The desired changes didn’t happen. Yet. But they were positive and well meaning, so let’s re-explore.  A brief but connected detour first. One of our trainers, Joey Wallen, and I often trade new info about exercise, techniques, adherence, etc. We’re closing in on… Read more »

How’s your habenula?

For most of us, 2021 was such a different year. Dealing with this pandemic sure changed our daily lives in many ways, but one thing is still the same — and every January I have a similar message when writing this column. For some of my regular readers it may be repetitious… Read more »

I’m confused…

Clearly I’m missing something. While I’m not old, I’ve been around a while and I’ve been paying attention. But I don’t understand some pretty relevant stuff. So I’m hoping some of my consistent readers who often comment both positively and critically about my Viewpoints will offer some helpful insights. Please. I started… Read more »


About 10 years ago, a local orthopedic practice ran an ad stating that our skeletons, specifically our spines, have the responsibility of supporting our bodies. In response I wrote a column titled “No, They Don’t” (which if the rest of this interests you, you can find on our website…page 4… Read more »

I’ll keep trying…

For my last Viewpoint column in August, I wrote some dialogue. My reading has gravitated lately to authors who use plenty of dialogue rather than long descriptive writing. One of the recognized best, Elmore Leonard, explained his writing as not including the parts he usually skims or even skips when… Read more »

Planning, problem solving and imagination

Because being physically healthy has been my life-long interest (I grew up with a father who was a physical therapist), that’s the area I naturally gravitate toward in these “To Your Health” columns. During a recent search into self-motivation, self-discipline and focusing, I stumbled into some interesting information I’ll share in a minute. First… Read more »

On aging gracefully

Gracefully: “In an attractively elegant way. In a respectful and dignified way. Polite, kind, pleasant, mannerly, charming…” Those are some of the dictionary definitions and synonyms. While there’s a lot of good to say about them, from this man who’s clearly in his fourth quarter, I say BAH! Sounds too… Read more »

Patience please. I’ll tie it all together…

In the early 1990s, shortly after taking office, Bill Clinton hosted a summit of the leading international economists to attempt to find some consensus moving forward. In the mountains of paper data to be evaluated, one word was relevantly (in retrospect) missing: the Internet. Which, of course, was not only… Read more »

Please forget about increasing your life span

How’re you feeling? Are you tired? Sluggish? Have lots of surplus daily energy? Does your neck feel stiff and its range-of-motion restricted? How about your low back? Do you feel like you need to stretch just about everything and loosen up? Do you have arthritic joints? Too much body fat?… Read more »

Barb and Sue: Two women I knew

In today’s (temporary) lifestyle of reduced activities I have plenty of time to ponder all sorts of stuff. I was thinking about different people I’ve been fortunate to know in this short, short life. While I knew each of these women rather well at different times in my varied life,… Read more »


I’m guessing the first thing that comes to mind is not falling. While there’s nothing more important, there are some additional considerations I’ll get to in a minute. But first let’s address not falling. If any of you have fallen, or had a friend or relative fall, you know how… Read more »


Living by myself as I have for about 15 years, since my youngest daughter started college, has been a new chapter, like coming home after a lot of activities. It’s been very nice. Adapting to change is pretty close to the top of the list of prerequisites for a healthy… Read more »

We won’t stay the same.

Even with its unique challenges and changes, 2020 went by fast. 2021 will too. Life and time don’t allow us to stay the same. We can improve ourselves in 2021 or we will decline. Because it’s January, lots of folks have good intentions (resolutions) for the New Year! And many of those… Read more »

Between now and then…

Well, it’s a beautiful morning mid-October 2020, but you’ll be reading this in December. Between my writing and your reading, there are a few events with the power to change a lot in our lives. As I write this, the California wildfires have burned more than four million acres (the… Read more »

If you’re starting to exercise at home…

…which, considering the obvious challenge of keeping crowded gym’s surfaces clean while practicing any semblance of distancing, makes a lot of sense for many. So to be safe and effective please consider: What is the actual function of the specific muscles you’re trying to train? And are you training them… Read more »