A message from Brian Cole

My father was a Physical Therapist for 42 years. I grew up in a home where helping others came naturally and where discussions of how the body functions, moves, and heals were just a part of everyday conversation. I’m very Thankful to be working in the field that has been my lifelong hobby. I hope it always shows through our clients.

While the emphasis is personalized and changes as you do, your program will involve some combination of:

Cardiovascular/Calorie-Burning Activity
In the United States, heart disease kills almost as many people as everything else combined.
We just don't have to move and do enough anymore. Modern conveniences and technology shelter us. Circulation isn't enough to keep debris from building up in our blood vessels. We need a strong pump to flush a strong flow of healthy nourishing blood through, everyday. The result is stronger hearts and cleaner blood vessels.

Brian Cole

Fitness is not about age.

We all need to lose bodyfat and work to build new lean muscle tissue.
This makes us healthier and more efficient.

Progressive Weight Resistance Training
Muscle is energy! We all need to build new lean muscle tissue or the aging process will combine with reduced activity to replace our natural muscle with fat. We must commit ourselves to change that. And the research is clear, at any age, we can.

Core Stability • Posture • Balance
These are all incorporated into our Training Routines.

Free and Stable Joint Movement
As adults we don't run - jump - reach - climb - play as we did when we were kids. So our joint range of motion becomes very limited which leaves us more susceptible to joint injury and discomfort. Our body's self defense system then tightens these areas to protect them and a cycle of reduced comfortable movement and stiffness has begun. It is gradual but relentless.
Brian has developed a 30 minute Routine, that borrows from Yoga, Pilates, Somatics, and Feldenkrais, to gently coax our joints to move more comfortably through a greater range and to be stabilized by leaner, stronger, not bulkier, muscles.

Sound, Balanced Nutrition
We help you identify bad habits and develop strategies to replace them with better habits. We will help you with guidelines, directions, and facts—but not with strict eating plans. Everyone is different and we all have our challenges.
In general, we recommend following the nutritional guidelines endorsed by the American Heart Association.