Our Clients are successful and knowledgeable people who expect results. They all come ready to work, and with our help they safely and efficiently achieve their goals. From Teens into their 80's, they show that self-improvement has no age limit. They feel better, they move better and they have more energy. YOU CAN TOO!

Here is what some clients have to say about Personal Training Associates

“I started working out after my first hip replacement, and the carefully designed workout plan helped me not only became more mobile more quickly but to be better prepared for my second hip replacement a year later.”

“When my doctor first recommended Brian Cole, I was told that he was an excellent Personal Trainer, but a very busy one. I was fortunate enough to have an interview and able to fill the slot available. After one year, I am in the best shape I've ever been. Cheerleading, aerobics and tennis never had the effect that weight training does. In addition to my muscle strength, my self esteem and self confidence are stronger than ever. Brian has had the patience of a Saint and is a wonderful teacher and really does care about his clients.”

“I move with increased self confidence. I turn and twist and rotate my body better in daily activities like driving and laundry. My body performs better now that I train it. Even sitting is easier because my muscles are more competent.”

“Four years ago I came to Brian. I'm now in my seventies and am much stronger than I was when I started. The exercise has helped the arthritis in my low back and my balance has improved. I would not do this unless I had Brian telling me what to do every moment.”

“Spinal surgery had left me in very poor physical condition. With the help of Brian's genuine concern, his professionalism, support, and adaptability, I have progressed well beyond the medical community's expectations. At 50 years old I am the strongest I've ever been and even more important, I feel in control of my health.”

“I am so sorry I waited until the age of 62 to get serious about exercising! The guidance and motivation that Wendy gives me is invaluable. No aches and pains for the most part. I am much stronger and can touch my toes for the first time in years!”

“At 49 I am finally in the physical shape I have wanted all my life! For the first time I can look in the mirror and say yes, I really like the way I look. I feel strong. My chiropractor visits have gone from 24 to six Per year. I feel healthy. What made all this possible? Personal Training with Brian Cole, his encouragement, constant reinforcement and professional supervision.”

“I had a stroke and needed a trainer to help me with my balance and with prescribed exercises to keep my muscles and body fit. I have tremendous respect for Brian's ability and Perhaps just as important is his empathy while helping me to exercise. I am a most appreciative client.”

“As a forty-something stay-at-home mom of three children, it had been a long time since I had taken any time for myself. Daily exercise has gradually become a habit - a precious one, I might add. Conscientiousness of diet has increased. My exercise buddy and I laugh, sing to the radio, and solve world problems, on our best days! This has been THE most positive change in my life.”

“I love going there. I work out twice a week and my trainer, Joey Wallen, is a great motivator.”

“My workout partner and I have exercised with Brian or one of his associates for over 10 years. They help keep us motivated by varying our workout regime and keeping it fun. I couldn't imagine life without Personal Training Associates!”